DoSeum 2019 Artist-in-Residence Program

DoSeum 2019 Artist-in-Residence Program

The DoSeum seeks to partner with professional mid-career artists who revel in the challenges of creating socially engaged works of art that allow children and their families exposure to Contemporary Art. By interacting with the artist’s work, children will appreciate both the artistic process and its products, connecting them through this art experience with STEM and Literacy themes. 

The 2019 Artist(s)-in-Residence will exhibit their work at The DoSeum in the months of November and December for a 6-8 week period. Social Engagement practices may appear in the form of participatory workshops, focus groups, performances, installations, and interactive exhibits. We are specifically looking for local and regional artists who are prepared to engage the public with experiences that explore our local culture, plan for our future, or explore the intersection of the arts and science. Previous artist residents have been selected by making proposals that simultaneously challenge them to explore new facets of their own work while incorporating meaningful experiences for guests. 

Richard Armendariz inaugurated our AIR program in 2017 with his Dream Keeper exhibit that challenged guests with culturally relevant character development through an installation, an animated video projection, and printmaking workshops. 

Calder Kamin and Gregorio Mannino, Artists-in-Residence for 2018, created original installations that accompanied The DoSeum’s Dream Tomorrow Today Tricentennial exhibit. Focusing on the future, both artists engaged guests through workshops and interactive exhibit spaces that explored our present and future relationships with nature, consumption, and sustainability.


Artists must meet these following requirements to be considered: 

-Open to visual and multidisciplinary artists. 

-A desire to work collaboratively with museum staff and the public to create works that step away from traditional models. 

-Experience creating socially engaged, participatory works of art.   

-Local and regional mid-career professional artists are encouraged to apply. 

-Artists presently enrolled in post-secondary or graduate-level programs are encouraged to apply after completing studies. 

-Chosen Artists will need to pass a background check. 

 Artists with the above-mentioned experience, interested in exploring non-traditional exhibition spaces, and available for The DoSeum’s 2019 production and exhibition timeline are strongly encouraged to apply.  

The DoSeum will value proposals by assessing feasibility, alignment with the museum’s mission and vision, exhibition policy, and educational focus, selecting up to two final projects. The selected Artist(s)-in-Residence will receive an honorarium of up to $6,000.00 and production costs of up to $10,000 to aid them in the execution of their project(s). Upon contractual agreement, the artist(s) will have the summer and fall of 2019 for design, prototyping, and production. Winning Artist Residents will be showcased in November and December of 2019. 

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