City of Sugar Land Public Art Project Plan: Brooks Street Bridge Mosaic/Mural

City of Sugar Land Public Art Project Plan: Brooks Street Bridge Mosaic/Mural

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL: Thursday, May 23, 2019, at 10:00am CST


LOCATION: Brooks Street at Char Lake (just south of Ken Hall Blvd.), Sugar Land, Texas 77478


SUBMISSION: Electronic Submissions Only Via


The City of Sugar Land’s Public Art Program is pleased to partner with the Economic Development Department and the Public Works Department in offering this opportunity. In November 2016, the Public Art Plan was adopted by City Council outlining a vision and programmatic direction for public art in Sugar Land. Civic infrastructure projects are one of the categories of projects determined to be most meaningful to Sugar Land and a priority for the Public Art Program’s resources.


In 2017 the east side of the Brooks Street Bridge was enhanced with a concrete pedestrian sidewalk and railing. In 2019 additional enhancements to the west side of the bridge will take place as well as lighting increasing visibility. Simultaneous to the 2019 capital construction project, this public call to artists will seek proposals that will enhance the two walls with an artwork (mosaic, mural or other enhancement) appropriate for the concrete wall, and durable.


This project was prioritized through community feedback in addition to having the neighboring community and residents of Hall Lake express interest in enhancing this bridge with artwork.



This public art project is budgeted at $45,000 to execute, and includes all aspects of the art installation, but does not include lighting enhancements to the bridge. Lighting enhancements were primarily recommended as a safety precaution and secondarily as a means to illuminate the bridge artwork. The Public Art Program and the Public Works department designed the most effective lighting scheme that will be integrated into the handrail, thereby illuminating the entire expanse of the wall. The lighting will improve safety also achieve the secondary desire to illuminate the public artwork.


Fulfilling Expectations:

This project will fulfill the vision of the Public Art Program by beautifying Sugar Land and building the city’s reputation as an arts and culture destination.


It will fulfill the mission of the Public Art Program by: collaborating with City departments to commission new artworks; collaborate with developers and homeowner associations to commission new artworks; and promote a deeper understanding of public art.


It will fulfill the goals of the Public Art Program by: creating memorable, meaningful places that are focal points for civic and community life; creating whimsy and delight in everyday places; and enhancing the appearance of infrastructure. 


It will fulfill City Council’s mid-term priorities by: Building Community: Diverse Cultures, Leisure, Arts (Expand Arts throughout the Community).


It will fulfill City Council Vision 2025 by: Principle B, Beautiful Community (Attractive, well designed and well-maintained public buildings, streetscapes incorporating gateways, public spaces and public art throughout the city); Principle H, Outstanding Cultural Arts, Educational and Recreational Opportunities (Public art throughout the city); Principle K, Community Pride in Sugar Land (City working in partnership with residents, community organizations, businesses and other government entities).


-Artists in the United States are eligible to apply. Sugar Land- and Greater Houston-area artists are strongly encouraged to apply. 

-Subcontractors may be used and are defined as those providing technical implementation including but not limited to construction, fabrication and/or assembly for portions or all of a finished product under direct supervision and control of an artist. 

-Staff members, board members, advisory board members, City Council members and/or family members of City of Sugar Land are ineligible to apply. 

Application Requirements:
-Resume: 3 page(s) maximum 
-Work examples: 3-10 
     -Illustrated Proposal, and
     -Written Proposal 
-Short statement, including (1) scope of project; (2) budget; (3) timeline; (4) fabrication and installation process; (5) any other relevant aspects of this project. 

The theme of this project should be based on the history of the “Old Sugar Land” neighborhood and/or other themes that are relevant to Sugar Land, such as nature, native flora/fauna, regional wildlife, etc. We urge the artist to develop a rationale for their design based on the history, environment and/or community of Sugar Land, and include that rationale in the Written Proposal.


The Brooks Street Bridge public art project requires that all proposals be submitted electronically via 

Questions should be submitted to culturalarts@sugarlandtx.govno later than 12:00pm on Thursday, May 2, 2019. All questions will be responded to and posted on thereafter. 

The deadline for Brooks Street Bridge public art project is Thursday, May 23, 2019, at 10:00am CST. No late proposals will be considered. 

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