Character Arcs and Architecture

Character Arcs and Architecture

A protagonist should be likeable, they say—but what if you want to explore the darker side of human nature? And characters should allegedly grow and undergo a significant change in the course of the story—but how does that apply when you're writing a twenty-book series? And what if the story you're telling really does need half a dozen point-of-view characters?

If you've been struggling to find the balance between writing rules and writing reality, have no fear. In this hands-on, high-energy interactive workshop, we'll drill down past the standard dos and don'ts. Come explore the logic underlying common rules of characterization, discover how and when to bend those rules, and map out a plan that satisfies your vision and your readers. Bring your fictional friends and all your burning questions!

Due Date: Jun 21, 2019
Contact Name: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Phone: (713) 487-5603
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