The Bennett Prize - Call for Entries

The Bennett Prize - Call for Entries

The Bennett Prize is open to qualified painters only. The term “qualified” painter describes a person who meets all of the following criteria:
  • -Is a living woman and a fine art painter who applies paint to a generally two-dimensional surface (this does not include drawings made with pencil or crayon charcoal, photography, sculpture, installation video or performance art). Please note: No painting over digital printing will be accepted.
  • -Is a figurative realist painter who paints in the style in which the realistically depicted human figure, or figures, is central to the work.
  • -Is pursuing a career as a full-time professional painter. Hobbyists or serious amateurs not intending to work full-time as painters are not eligible.
  • -Is a painter who has not yet received significant professional recognition- meaning the artist has not sold any single work of art for, nor has received an art prize or award, in an amount exceeding $25,000.
  • The 2019 Prize is only open to individuals in the United States - it may be expanded in subsequent years.

-The Prize may be awarded to the same individual only once.
-A $50 entry fee will be charged to all entrants.
-Artists may submit artwork of any size for jury consideration but, should the artist be selected as a finalist for The Prize, the largest dimension of submitted work for the exhibition cannot exceed 72 inches.
-Finalists may sell their work, but will enter into a loan agreement upon agreeing to participate in the show.

Due Date: Sep 28, 2018
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